Classes on ‘Kidz Manners’

Marti Genge, who owns Pages of Parenting Bookstore in Fayetteville, has started offering classes for children ages 4-9 to help parents encourage good manners.

The four-week program, Kidz Manners, offers social skills for today’s world. Pages of Parenting is located at 388 E. Sunbridge Drive and classes begin on Saturday, April 24. The cost is $25 per session.

Marti, who writes occasional book reviews for us here at nwaMotherlode said of the program, “I saw a lady doing this in NY and called her up. What’s great is it’s basic and not dress-up formal. The space is filling up fast.”

Here’s a weekly break-down:

hello_cyan200.jpgClass One: Hi. My name is …

• Shaking hands and making introductions

• Maintaining eye contact

• Showing respect toward adults, elderly and important figures

• Starting conversations and meeting new people

• Avoiding negative behaviors

• Listening skills and body language

• Showing appreciation and gratitude

• Making and receiving phone calls

Class Two: Please & Thank You!

11358.jpg• How full is your bucket! Acts of kindness

• Things to do to be nice

• Being nice to people who are different

• Words of respect

• The importance of being honest and telling the truth

• Giving and receiving behaviors

• Thank you notes

Class Three: Dining Etiquette and Beyond

• Setting the table

• Appropriate behavior at the table

• Handling utensils and eating various foods

• Proper use of napkins, glassware and dishes

• How and when to enter and exit the table

• Mealtime conversation

Class Four: BFF and everyday encounters

il_39843114.jpg• How to behave at school and on the playground

• Cyber etiquette and texting

• Birthday parties

• Movie theatre etiquette

• Playdate basics

• Restaurant behavior

• Bumping into a friend on the street

• Host and guest behaviors

• Entering and exiting elevators, bathrooms and buildings and more

Call Marti at 479-582-3139 to sign up for the classes, which are held on Saturdays from 10-11 a.m. or 1-2 p.m. If you can’t start on the 24th, talk to Marti about other possible times.