Butter board? Meet the Halloween board!

Mamas, we know “board” foods (like the trending butter boards) are all the rage right now, so here’s a way to use that board for a Halloween spread (and super cute buffet centerpiece) that the kids and parents will love.

We saw this recipe on the website Healthy Family Project, and we love that this board uses healthy foods and dresses them up in a Halloween theme. (We all know the sugar calories will come later after the trick-or-treating, but this board will offer some healthy fuel first.) Don’t even get me started on how cute those apple slices are — the ones that are sticking out their strawberry tongues!

photo courtesy of Healthy Family Project

For instructions on how to make this board for your family this weekend or for a Halloween party, click HERE to visit the Healthy Family Project website and get the details on how to put this together. There are such great ideas for variations on how to do it and what materials to use.

And while we’re talking Halloween, don’t let this fun holiday become scary because of an accident. Brush up on these Halloween safety tips for kids and for pets, too.