Best tips and tricks from NWA moms to help lose weight!

Spring is in the air and that means swimsuit weather isn’t far behind.

And that means we can’t help but think about slimming down or toning up. The mamas who read Motherlode offered some great advice on the topic in a recent giveaway for Fleet Feet.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, it’s still important to eat healthy food and move your body. If not for the swimsuit, for your sanity. Exercise and good fuel just make us feel better!

Here are a few comments that might just kick start your fitness routine (click here to read them all):

To stay fit (when I’m not pregnant) I follow the Paleo diet as much as possible and try to eat whole, unprocessed foods. I struggled losing all my weight after my first child but after switching to the Paleo diet, I was able to lose all my baby weight plus more! ~ Shea Nuckols

I can swear by not eating processed foods. Anything that comes in a box is off limits! ~ Shannon

I’m about to embark on a food intolerance elimination diet (ridding my body of 7 foods that are highly allergenic). My mother-in-law has already started and I will be joining her. I am SO looking forward to eating a diet of real, whole foods. Can’t wait to experience the feeling better and weightloss! ~ Lindsey Kendrick

I have to ALWAYS eat breakfast and portion control. Stay away from sweets and stay active. ~Chelsea Green

My best tool is an app on my smartphone that logs everything I eat. This has been an eye-opening experience as I had no idea how many calories I’ve been eating each day. It’s been difficult sticking to a plan in the past, but with logging my food intake, it’s been a lot easier! ~ Cheryl W.

I just try and eat heathy and to exercise at least every other day. I eat a lot of whole grains, fruits and veggies and lean meat. I don’t eat very much red meat. I think cardio and strength training are both equally important. ~ Brandi

Portion control is essential. Filling your plate with 75% veggies, fruits and salads with 25% low fat protein is also one of my strategies. I do at least 4 hrs of cardio/ aerobics/ weights each week and walk a minimum of 3 miles a day. Not only does this help physically, it is essential to a healthy mental attitude as well. ~ Debbie

I never thought that I would enter the world of Zumba, but I now live in it!! Zumba gives me the stress relief I need as well as an avenue to, as my husband says, “Burn some gristle.” I pair that with a small run a few times a week and I’m set! I look better now than I did on my wedding day and before I had two kids! ~ Jennifer

After my last pregnancy I downloaded the Nike Fit app, I love it. It was encouraging to track my runs. I am looking forward to getting back into the game this spring after this pregnancy.  ~ Jessica Alexander

I use the lose it app to log foods and exercise. I make fresh veggie juice in the juicer every morning and run 3-6 miles Monday-Saturday. ~ Christy

Reducing portion size and keeping a food journal as well as walking instead of driving whenever possible has really helped. ~ Lindsay

Oh!! Also, I started using an app called Gympact and it PAYS YOU to work out! You set a goal and each week, you earn MONEY!! ~ Cammi Hevener

I use a workout called TTapp. It’s a no impact “physical therapy” approach to fitness. And boy howdy does it work you out! :O) ~ Jan Dorothy

Body for Life is a good program to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus you can take part in their contest for a chance to win $! ~ Alisha

I work out regularly and I recently bought a Nike Fuel Band. I love it! It keeps track of steps taken, calories burned and Nike fuel points. It makes me strive to meet my daily goal. ~ Doris

I like dr Santos’s ABC diet it is a strict diet and I am a all or nothing type. You have your a list which is really strict it is basically cleansing you you stay on it for 3 wks then you add the B foods that is still clean but you have more of a verity and you stay on that till you hit your goal weight then you have your C list and you have to stay away from that list. I have lost 100 lbs on this diet and kept it off for a year now I am restarting it to finish losing the remaining weight. ~ Torie Leger

I have been low carbing but now am increasing my workout from wii step to the Biggest Loser Power walk every day. ~ Joyce

I’m a big fan of RunKeeper or other phone apps for tracking fitness. I like seeing my progress and feeling accountable. ~ Angie

ZUMBA!!!!! lots of water and plenty fruits and veggies! ~ Tricia

Pilates! It’s a great workout and the perfect way to ease back into working out post baby. On the days I don’t do pilates, I’ve been running/walking with the little one in his stroller. ~ Kayla

The best exercise strategy has been a workout partner/group. The accountability and social aspect of the support and motivation you provide each other is priceless! ~ Kim

I start my morning off with protein and eat yogurt with fresh fruit instead of sweets for dessert. This plus walking 3 days a week I have been able to lose more of the baby weight that stayed on after breastfeeding. ~ Brittney

Couple keys to success for me to consistently eat healthy and get/stay fit. Don’t try to do everything at once. Pick a routine and ease into it. Start with exercise 3 days/week and move up from there. Then foodwise, none of the crash/fast diets work for me. Committing to portion control and a balanced diet is best. Then letting yourself enjoy indulgent food in SMALL quantities is ok. Tracking my caloric intake works well too. Makes me rethink those french fries i’m craving. ~ Laura

Exercise first thing in the morning. You HAVE to make time for yourself (especially all the moms out there). In the morning, before anyone wakes up, sneaking off to the gym has been amazing for me. Not only do I get to have some alone time, I am also giving my body the workout it needs. ~ Amy Cash

Running! It is simple, free, and our city has an awesome trails system that makes it a safe hobby. Nothing makes me happier than a good run! ~ Angie

I’ve been running at least 2X a week and journaling everything I eat. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of food I eat on a daily basis, but journaling helps me keep track of it all. ~ Leah

The last couple months I have had the best weight loss experience of my life. I think it’s a combination of things:
1. Getting a FitBit and wearing it all day every day
2. Creating a salad bar at home and making my work lunches the night before (click here to read Stephanie’s post over at Evolved Mommy about how to create a home salad bar)
3. Setting a difficult but achievable running goal in January that kickstarted my exercise habit for the new year. ~ Stephanie, Evolved Mommy

Registering for a race and knowing that I have to run it really motivates me to workout. I know that the date is approaching and I have no choice but to train hard, so I can do well and finish the race strong! ~ Leah