Beauty Buzz: What’s in “Ask Amy’s” Makeup Bag?

Dear Amy,

What are your current top five favorite beauty products and why?

Dear Curious,

It’s funny that you said “current” favorites, because I try LOTS of new products all the time and my favorites are constantly changing. I just can’t resist experimenting with the latest and greatest, but here are the current products I’ve been using the most:

skinmedica.jpg1. SkinMedica Age Defense Retinol Complex. This creamy yellow moisturizer claims to improve the appearance of fine lines, enhance skin texture and accelerate exfoliation. I don’t know if it does all those things, but I have noticed that when I put this on before bed, my skin just looks a little brighter when I wake up. (I purchased this from my dermatologist, but you can find it cheaper online.)

2. Olay Regenerist Anti-aging Lip Treatment. Any product with “anti-aging” in the name instantly gets my attention these days (I just had a birthday). This is a tingly lip balm that really moisturizes. I haven’t had “lip flakies” since adding this to my nighttime routine.

lancomephoto.jpg3. Lancome Photogenic Lumessense Light Mastering and Line Smoothing Makeup. I probably have at least ten different foundations in my makeup bag, but I really wanted to try out this new version from Lancome. Somehow this lightweight liquid provides great coverage without looking mask-like. One caveat – it claims to have SPF 15, but the active sunscreen ingredient won’t protect skin from UVA rays, so you’ll need an extra layer of sunscreen underneath.

4. MAC lipstick in “Buoy-O-Buoy. This is the perfect go-with-everything daytime lipstick. It’s a creamy, neutral pinkish brown that looks like the color of your lips, only better.

clinique.jpg5. Clinique Long Last Glosswear in “Whisper.” I love this lip gloss!!! It’s a barely pinkish shimmer that looks great over just about any lipstick (especially Buoy-O-Buoy) and it really does seem to last longer than other lip glosses.

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