Beauty Buzz: “Ask Amy” about red lipstick

Dear Amy,

I want to try a red lipstick, but there are so many to choose from. Can you recommend a good one?

Dear Right-on Red,

Picking the right shade of red takes some trial and error, but here are some great ones to consider:

  • Chanel Rouge Allure in “Dazzling” is a true red that works for most skin tones (and the beautiful tube looks great in your makeup bag);
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme in “Royal Red” is universally flattering and won’t bleed or feather;
  • MAC’s “Russian Red” is a favorite of makeup artists and can often be seen on the red carpet;
  • Laura Mercier in “Peony” is my personal favorite – it’s sheer enough to not scream “red,” it has a pretty soft shimmer and feels wonderful on the lips.

Remember that red lips make a bold statement, so don’t over do the eye makeup and keep your cheek color muted. Good luck!

Amy Cunningham is our favorite expert “product junkie.” E-mail your questions to her at and the answer may be featured in her weekly column.