Beauty Buzz: Ask Amy

Dear Amy,

To tweeze or not to tweeze, that’s my question. When it comes to tweezing eyebrows, how do you know the difference between “too much” and “just enough.” I don’t want to overdo it and end up with penciled in brows, but I don’t want to look bushy either. Help!

Dear Tweezer,

Whatever you do, be careful with the tweezers. I got too tweezer-happy in the mid-90s when super thin brows were “in”, and now I’m suffering for it. It turns out that my mother was right – if you tweeze too much, your eyebrows won’t grow back. Thank God for brow powder or I would look like Whoopi Goldberg!

To answer your question, tweeze only the really random eyebrow hairs (like the ones between your eyes and way down on your eyelids) and leave the shaping to a brow professional. Eyebrows are just too important to take into your own hands, and they’re too delicate to risk messing them up for good.

You’ve probably noticed other moms with great looking eyebrows, so don’t be shy about asking them where they go for waxing. The girls at the department store makeup counters usually know of good brow person, and a good salon will most likely have a makeup artist who is also a great brow shaper. Ask around until you find a good one – it’s worth the investment.

Dear Amy,

If I only have five minutes or less for make-up, what things should I apply to get the most impact for my limited amount of time?

Dear Rushed,

Funny you should ask, because I’m not really a five-minute face type of girl – I just love makeup too much to rush it! But, when I am in a hurry here’s what I do: First, apply concealer under eyes and to any spots. Second, curl eyelashes and apply mascara. Third, brush on blush or bronzer on cheeks. Finally, apply lip gloss.

Not exactly what I would do for a night out on the town, but enough to keep from scaring my fellow moms at preschool!