Beauty Buzz: Taking the sting out of hair removal

By Andi Douglas, beauty editor

I admit that I have several irrational fears, but one of the oldest and least justified is my fear of hair removal creams for my legs. I have only tried a depilatory cream on such a large surface once with my college roommate and we almost knocked each other over trying to get to the faucet first to wash off the burning chemical. Now, 10 years later (and yes, I’m rounding down), out of necessity I have decided to try again.

I decided to try Veet Hair Removal Cream for it’s promise of “a deeply moisturizing delight” and the “mess-free” Perfect Touch Spatula that comes stuck to the side of the bottle. (If you go to — or click on the coupon at right — you can save $3 if you’re feeling brave.)

The good news, it did not burn like fire per my previous experience, but it did get a little itchy. Once the actual hair removing distracted me, I barely noticed.

The width of the spatula is comparable to a razor so covering the full surface of my legs did take some time but overall the results were pretty good. I had to go over a couple of spots more than once and there were a few areas of unsuccessful hair removal, but I can’t remember the last time I finished shaving, started lotioning and didn’t find a giant patch of hair that previously escaped my attention, so I decided to accept that as an unavoidable part of being a woman.

The aloe vera and vitamin E left my skin smooth and moisturized, as promised, as opposed to the itchy, bumpy mess I am usually left with, especially during the drying winter months. Also, with no fear of cuts or razor burn, I say the Veet system has surpassed shaving for me. I still haven’t got up the courage to try the cream on my bikini line yet but I am optimistic and would love to hear any reviews you might be able to offer, or words of encouragement.

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