Beauty Buzz: Swimsuit season meets CoolSculpting technology

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This sponsored post by Andi Douglas, beauty editor at and mama of 3

Okay, so you know you have a good friend when you start a phone conversation with, “I just learned about the coolest new treatment at Revive Spa that gets rid of your fat pockets and I thought of you,” and she doesn’t hang up on your blunt a*s.

Revive coolsculpting adBut I promise, I was not being rude and truly thought she could benefit from CoolSculpting at Revive Medical Spa. The website offers good information and a couple of interesting videos explaining the process but, if you’re like me, web info doesn’t always absorb.

So I went in to get a better idea of what a “360° consultation” entails.

I questioned that poor girl until she probably wanted to stick the suction thing on my mouth but hopefully I covered all of the Q’s you might not think to ask yourself. So settle in because I got a lot of A’s.

Q: What do I wear?

Anything you want for the consultation and treatment. Out of all of my trips to Revive (remember my massage and facial experiences) I was the least naked at my CoolSculpting consultation, so Yay! You are shown to a private room, much like a massage suite and will don the world’s most unflattering paper shorts.

I promise, I had every intention of taking a picture for you guys but forgot. And considering I was wearing striped knee highs I got at the dollar store right before because I couldn’t find socks without holes in them, it would have been a doozy. You will just have to trust me, they are comically billowy but still better than standing around in your skivvies. You can leave your shirt on and just lift it up if you are interested in treating your abs. This should give you an idea of just how much you have to shave.

Q: What happens during the consultation?

Once you have changed, the technician will ask you to stand in front of a mirror with your feet spread slightly (there is a small hexagon on the ground to guide your placement). I wanted the full experience so I had her check all of the areas available for treatment (except the chin).

That is the abdominals, love handles or flanks, and the outer and inner thigh. For my stomach and sides, I lifted my shirt while she squeezed my skin together looking for specific fat pockets to treat and using a plastic u-shaped guide to see what tool would fit best. It is a little uncomfortable but is fast. For my thighs, I lifted the shorts up one leg at a time so she examine the area. Overall, not too bad. The worst part was the full length mirror you stand in front of during the process.

Q: So what areas are an option again?

Under your chin, upper abs, lower abs, flanks on the side and lower back, inner thigh and lower thigh, if you are eligible.

Coolsculpting Revive Medical Spa

Q: What happens during the treatments?

I have not gone through the treatments myself, but I asked as many questions as a I could. You will lay on a table, much like a facial or massage table, and expose only the area being treated (ie: rolling up your shirt for your abs).

coolsculptingOnce you are settled, the technician will place a suction device, like the one pictured, to the target zone and turn on the portable unit. This is the suction cup used for abdomens. There is a tiny version for under your chin and a larger, flatter version for your thighs.

The CoolSculpting machine sucks the pocket of fat away from your body and begins cooling it. Until you become numb from the cold the tugging sensation can be uncomfortable but will eventually subside. The freezing process kills the fat cells and breaks down the fatty pockets.

Because Revive had two CoolSculpting machines, they can treat two zones at a time and each cycle takes about an hour. So, if I was to have my side and back flanks done (awful word, now you know why we call them love handles), that would be four zones, right side, left side, right back, left back, and would take around 2 hours.

They will soon have a television to watch or you can bring a book or listen to music, whatever you do to relax. You do need to have each zone done twice, so two days of treatments about a month apart.

Q: That seems like a long time. Will there be pee breaks?

Yes, you and your bladder will be very comfortable.

Q: Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

The ideal candidate is a man or woman within 20 lbs of your target weight. CoolSculpting is not as invasive as liposuction or other fat removal procedures and targets the small areas of fat that you just can’t seem to shake with diet and exercise. That is what made me think of my friend. She is an avid runner with 3 kids who eats healthy but is always concerned with the little fat pooch on her lower abdominals. This is perfect for that.

Q: Who is not a good candidate?

A lot of people have the potential, but if you do not change unhealthy eating habits or exercise regularly, new fat pockets can reform. Also, some people just aren’t built right for the machine to be effective.

I, for example, am not eligible for the leg treatments. For the machine to properly attach, the fat on your thighs need to form a point and mine were too flat. Huge, but flat. If I were to proceed with the treatment, I could end up with indentations or pitting.

So, if you visit another facility and they say you are not ideal but they can do it anyway, put your pants on and get out of there.

Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out for you, just be glad you found an honest tech and then join me in a 30 Day Squat Challenge.  Also, pregnant and nursing women would be a no-no because of the physical stress on your body and people who suffer from hernias.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

The actual recovery time is minimal. You can be back to your normal routine the next day but will want to wear compression garments the first couple of weeks when exercising.

There will be some redness and if you are prone to busted capillaries or bruise(like if you had hickies all the time in high school), you may see that but it dissipates in a normal amount of time.

Q: How soon will I see results?

This is not an instant fix. If you have your two treatments one month apart from each other, you will see results in two months, which is pretty quick. But, if you have a reunion or vacation next week and want to slim up fast, this is not the way. CoolSculpting will actually cause bloating the first few weeks. So plan ahead or you’ll be stuck with Spanx.

Here’s a video with more info about CoolSculpting (click here to visit Revive’s website to see more CoolSculpting videos):

Q: Will CoolSculpting reduce cellulite?

Big sad face on this one, but no. Cellulite is actually a fibrous band that pulls down on your skin, so killing the fat around it does not minimize the appearance. The tech has pictures she can show you but it’s something you can’t unsee, so you might want to trust me on this one.

Q: Is this a good alternative to a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is often recommended to reduce excess skin caused by extreme weight loss or pregnancy. CoolSculpting targets just the fat, so it will not help reduce excess skin, sorry.

Q: Can I have my arms and upper back done to reduce back cleavage?

Not yet. They are working on developing different size cups to potentially treat those areas but nothing has been approved yet. Once again, if you visit someplace that says they can, know that they are not following proper regulations.

revive medical spaQ: Will a c-section scar inhibit my treatment?

Because this is a noninvasive procedure, previous scarring should not affect it, as long as it has been more than a year or cleared by your surgeon.

Q: Is CoolSculpting a permanent solution?

Essentially, yes! Once the fat pockets have been frozen and dissipate they are gone for ever. But, new fat cells can form if you don’t follow a healthy diet. That is why this treatment is ideal for people who have made a life change and are committed to it. So, not me, yet…but I’m working on it.

Q: How much does it cost?

This is of course a rough estimate just to give you an idea, but each zone costs approximately $750. So, my flanks would be four zones that need to be treated twice. There is a significant price reduction for multiple zones and cycles if paid all at once and they do work with a financing company if needed. I am the world’s cheapest person, but since this is a one-and-done treatment, even I am psyched about the potential.

I think I covered quite a bit, but if I missed anything let me know. I will be happy to ask any ridiculous or embarrassing questions you have. That’s the beauty of journalism…it is the ideal “I’m asking for a friend” cover. Very freeing. Or book a free consultation yourself. It’s great, you get to model some sassy shorts and there are mints up front. You can’t go wrong. Have a good one, Mamas!!!!

Click here to visit Revive Medical Spa’s website — and to get more details about CoolSculpting. Note from the mamas: Andi was invited to write about Revive’s free CoolSculpting consultation for this sponsored post on nwaMotherlode.

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