Aluminum Foil: MUST READ

The above was the subject line in a recent message from a friend. Like many of our other friends in the e-mail group, I immediately assumed, as another mom said, “it was some alarming circular about foil usage causing Alzheimer’s in toddlers or something … what a relief to find it was just another helpful tip!!”

locktab24.jpgIndeed, it was a helpful tip about aluminum foil. Specifically, that boxes of foil — and plastic wrap — commonly include lock tabs to help keep hold the rolls in place. You just press the locks on both sides and presto, it keeps the foil from popping out of the box and you don’t unroll the entire box onto the floor! Did you know this? I’m guessing many of you don’t, since so many of us were in the dark. I guess we’d never had a reason to study the sides of our Saran wrap for directions.

It’s even on! (Snopes is the go-to website to determine whether something is true or just an urban legend — or a nasty rumor.)