Doc Talk: On too-frequent ear infections


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Q: My child has frequent ear infections. How would ear tubes help resolve this problem?

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  1. My sons both suffered chronic ear infections when they were younger (they are now 14 and 9) and were prescribed multiple courses of antibiotics, which seemed to be addressing the symptoms, but not the cause. After hearing Dr. Hill talk about the tubes, I have a better understanding for how seeing a chiropractor helped. It seemed strange at the time to me also, however, I was so frustrated that my sons had so much pain and we weren’t doing anything to really help them, that I was willing to take my oldest to the chiropractor (I had heard it would help with ear infections). Imagine my surprise and his relief when they cleared up and I don’t remember him having another one afterward. When my youngest started having the same problem, I was able to switch him earlier over to the chiropractor. I felt good about working with the body instead of against it. I’d really like to see more pediatricians and chiropractors work together to help kids with these chronic problems.

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