Last week to win pizza and movie passes!

We don’t want you to miss your chance of winning FOUR free movie passes to any Malco movie theatre plus a gift certificate to any location of Guido’s Pizza, but this will be your last week to throw your name in the hat. We’ll draw for winners AT RANDOM on November 30th. Here’s what you need to know about this giveaway:

bizflower1.jpgAs you may have already heard, we’re in the process of building our very own “Mom’s Choice Business Directory.” We got the idea for it when we kept getting e-mails from various moms with questions that start like this: “Where’s a good place to buy a ….” (You fill in the blank.)

Since moms do most of the shopping, it’s good to have a directory of local businesses that are recommended by fellow moms and known for great products and/or service. So we’re asking you to tell us about your favorite mom-friendly businesses. You can list one or 10 or more than that, if you like. Here is a list of categories that we’re interested in, but feel free to list any favorite business that might not fall into one of these boxes:

  • bakeries
  • dermatologists
  • gift stores
  • carpet cleaners
  • restaurants
  • dry cleaners
  • eye doctors
  • furniture stores
  • chiropractors
  • birthday party places
  • handymen services
  • painters
  • realtors
  • travel agents
  • veterinarians
  • maternity shops
  • baby/kid furniture stores
  • consignment shops
  • child care
  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • movers
  • housecleaning services
  • play places
  • frame shops
  • banks
  • women’s clothing
  • caterers
  • dentists and pediatric dentists
  • lawn services
  • car repair
  • florists
  • spas
  • salons
  • shoe stores
  • toy stores
  • bookstores

tickets2.pngIn addition to two winners of the movie passes and free pizza, we’ll also draw six names at random and give them one of our new, super-cute t-shirts. There’ll be lots of winners on this one, so be sure to throw your name in the hat and help us build a great directory. We plan to unveil it around the first of the year.

HOW TO ENTER: Click the comment button below to list your suggested businesses or e-mail us your list at As always, if you send an e-mail to your friends to let them know about the giveaway, we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell. Just be sure to CC us on your note so we can give you credit for helping spread the word.

Thanks in advance for your input on the new directory!


  1. rick’s bakery is always a favorite. we need one up in the rogers/benton. area. i also love the tea room at interiors galleria. the orange rolls there are divine!

  2. Arvest is my favorite kid-friendly bank since they have a toy that the kids can play with while you are there.
    We love Flying Burrito, where kids eat free Monday-Wednesday and that includes a drink! and kids love the food!

  3. One of the BEST new clothing stores in Fayetteville is Trendy Mindy’s, in Fiesta Square. I like it because Mindy has a facebook page and posts almost daily the trendy new arrivals. I recently bought the cutest jacket ever there, at a great price!

  4. Some great kids party business’ that we’ve used are:
    1. Fastlane’s
    2. Skate City
    3. Jumpzone
    4. Jones Center
    5. Cheryl & Co A salon- my daughter had her 6th b-day there and they do hair, nails, craft and fashion walk.. it was awesome!

  5. I’ll list a few of our favorites!!
    1. Boys and Girls club Fay for swimming.
    2. Coltons and Market place for dining!
    3. Durhams birthday parties are the best
    4. Eggleston Chiropractic…family friendly!
    5. Eureka, Razorback, Papa Johns for pizza.
    6. Build a Bear also a favorite!!

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