“Your kid did WHAT?”

If you listened to Magic 107.9 Thursday morning, then you may have heard the little game we played with listeners that day. We call it “Your kid did WHAT?” Listeners called in with stories that were funny, gross, surprising and, best of all, highly entertaining. With the help of a few fellow judges, we picked a winner after receiving more calls than we could even take within the hour-long show. The winner, Christie Guzman of Springdale,  gets a gift certificate to have dinner at the fabulous Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant in Bentonville. Christie told us she’s been dying to try it out.

Christie is the mother of an almost-16-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son. She is engaged to be married this April. (Her story, which involves a pair of “granny panties” took place when her daughter was only 2.)

The way Christie told us the story while on-air was really funny, so we’re including the actual

radio segment, which you can hear by clicking HERE or on the microphone at right.

If you missed the “Your kid did WHAT?” game and have a story that’s so good it just might win you a dinner gift certificate, then stay tuned because we’ll play the game again on the radio in a month or two. We’ll let you know when it’s coming, so be sure to check the “Radio Chat” category, which is located under the “Entertainment” heading on the left.

For more great “Your kid did WHAT?” stories, click HERE to see some of the comments posted by readers during our January 4th giveaway.

Congrats to Christie on your win and on your upcoming marriage! Enjoy your dinner out on the town!