Water Babies Swim Classes at The Jones Center

One of the best things we as parents can give our kids is survival skills in the water. If you’d like to introduce your baby to water in a safe environment, guided by an instructor, consider a Water Babies class like the one beginning later this month at The Jones Center in Springdale.

WATER BABIES (for babies who are 6-24 months)

In this class, parents are in the pool with their babies, helping them become acclimated to the water and guiding them as the instructor teaches beginning swimming and safety skills.

By learning breath control, how to float on their backs, and how to crawl out of the pool, babies and toddlers gradually gain skill and confidence in the water.

Classes are held in the shallow-water leisure pool, with a child-to-parent ratio of 1:1.

Upcoming classes:

Feb. 28 thru April 3Wednesdays: 3:30 – 400 PM

Feb. 29 thru April 4Thursdays: 11:00 – 11:30 AM

Cost is $40 per session (six classes); $32 for Jones Center members

Check The Jones Center website in the coming months for dates of spring/summer sessions of this program.

Register and more info at thejonescenter.net/swimming-programs