Tweens & Teens: Severe period pain or endometriosis?

Most women understand the discomfort and often pain that comes with menstrual cycles. Mothers often explain it to their daughters when it happens to them, too. But this Washington Post article gives important information about the differences between typical period pain and something much more serious — endometriosis.

This article makes clear that teenage girls CAN have endometriosis, and often the condition is missed by parents and physicians because of the patient’s age and because pain is “normalized.” 

As anyone who has dealt with endometriosis knows, this condition can bring intense pain. Not only does it cause pain, it can also create bowel problems and infertility. As parents, we never want our kids to endure pain without the right diagnosis and treatment.

Here’s a standout quote from the article:

“More than 60 percent of women and girls with the disease were initially told by health-care providers — most often gynecologists — that nothing was wrong, data shows.” — Washington Post

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