Tweens & Teens: 7 signs that your teen might be vaping

7 signs that your teen might be vaping

Mamas, if you’ve read or watched the news lately, you know there has been a huge unexplained spike in deaths related to vaping (or e-cigarettes). Many of the news stories we’ve read indicate that the risk of severe lung conditions or death is especially high in younger users. (According to a survey done by the National Institute of Health, about 37 percent of high school seniors said they vaped in 2018.)

So if you’re worried that your tween or teen might be vaping, here are a few of the red flags to watch for:

  1. bloodshot eyes
  2. fruity or sweet smells
  3. coughing or throat-clearing
  4. nosebleeds
  5. changes in taste or thirst
  6. reduced caffeine use
  7. weird items or cartridges

To find out more about why these red flags show up in tweens/teens who vape as well as the dangers of vaping, click HERE to check out an article on the Univ. of Virginia Health System Website.