Giveaway: Tickets to AMP Fest!


This is GONNA. BE.FUN.

We’ve got 2 tickets to give away to the first annual AMP Fest on Oct. 2 at the Walmart AMP! Music, craft beer samples, a video game wall. Sounds like a blast!

ABOUT AMP FEST: The Walmart AMP is presenting this all-new beer, music and tech festival. The inaugural AMP Fest will be on Sunday, Oct. 2, from 2-6 pm and combines the best in live music, craft beer and the next generation of technology.

The festival will feature cutting edge games and tech activations, live music on three stages and craft beer from over 20 local, regional and national breweries. Prices range from $40 for general admission and $95 for VIP, which includes a Fayettechill t-shirt, AMP Fest growler, access to VIP lounge and additional perks.

The one-day festival will include unlimited free samples of craft beer from Fossil Cove, Apple Blossom, Core Brewing and a number of other local breweries as well as national and regional breweries like Lagunitas, Lost Forty and Mother’s Brewing.

AMP Fest will play host to a number of artists including DJ Mix Master Mike, Arkansauce, Mountain Sprout and Goose, with more artist announcements coming soon. Attendees will also be able to pay to play with cutting edge technology and explore a variety of interactive experiences such as Samsung Virtual Reality and video game competitions on the AMP video walls.

ampfest-dateHOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win these 2 tickets to AMP Fest, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about something in your life you’d like to celebrate right now! Did you get a new job? Did your child FINALLY get potty trained? Tell us something good! 🙂

Click here to see the line-up for Amp Fest!

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AMP Fest tickets can be purchased in person at the Walmart AMP Box Office in Rogers, Walton Arts Center Box Office in Nadine Baum Studios in Fayetteville, by calling 479.443.5600 or visiting


    • Hi, my name is Leann St Mary. I’m a Mom and a Nana to 6, soon to be 7 grandkids. I babysit all my grandkids during the summer months and whenever they are out of school for whatever reason! Yep, they are a handful, but I love each minute I spend with them! At times it’s challenging, but lots of laughter is involved!!

  1. Our first and only child is LOVING Kindergarten and it would be nice for the hubs and I to be able to get out and do something to “get back to us” for an evening 🙂

  2. We just got married! We’ve been through so much together but the good times are ahead of us and we celebrate every moment!

  3. I have removed negativity out of my life after my divorce and only focus on the positive which is worth celebrating about! Would love to be able to get out and do these things but my son has to come first with spending.

  4. What an awesome date!!!!!! I would love to celebrate our 3 year anniversary with a date here. It’s really October 18th but still we can celebrate early

  5. This would be a great (almost) 18th anniversary celebration for me and my husband. We both love craft beer and music…PERFECT!

  6. Let’s see, several things… My husband and sister just had a birthday, one of my girls just turned 4 and agreed to give up her pacis!!! That’s a big one for us. And the hubs and I have a 13yr anniversary coming up! Woohoo!!

  7. We would be celebrating my husband’s return home! He will be coming in from being out of the country on Sept. 29th and what a way to enjoy a weekend! Family time with the kids by day, adult time by night!!!

  8. Just glad my husband and I were able to celebrate our 36th anniversary this summer. His health is questionable. So we live each day. Simply live.

  9. I am celebrating Fall. We are back in the groove of school and activities and it is football season. It’s just such a fun time of year!

  10. Happy that my Senior in high school is working on her college applications, has a plan on where she is applying, and has all her deadlines laid out! Now we just need some scholarships!!

  11. Hi, my name is Lesley! We just got the cutest puppy you have ever seen. He is a pitbull/blue heeler mix and has blue eyes. We named him Blu, of course. At only 6 weeks old, he is already teasing our other dogs and it is the funniest thing to watch! Because he is so small, he loves to be cuddled to stay warm. My daughters are absolutely loving learning to be little mommas.

  12. Celebrating how blessed I am to have a husband who works as hard as he does for our family everyday. Life seems to be in constant chaotic motion, but he’s the perfect partner in crime!

  13. I just celebrated one year anniversary of dating the most wonderful amazing man ever and looking forward to many many more years together. Typically we are doing family things with my 8 year old but this event would be a perfect way for us to celebrate our milestone. My boyfriend LOVES craft beer and music, so this would be an awesome surprise for him and so much fun for us both!

  14. We are celebrating our dogs anniversary with us from when he came home from the shelter! Also celebrating living in our home for 3 years!!!

  15. My husband was an over the road truck driver and gone most of the time. He recently got a new job and is home every night. I also recently got a new job and have an awesome future opportunity coming up. Plus, our 21 year old moved out and we are empty nesters and get to do what we want. (I do miss him at home though)

  16. Our 7-year wedding anniversary is coming up this fall. With a toddler and a baby at the house, it would be great to have a night out!

  17. My husband and I will be married 9 years and my only son has just proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years- great reasons to celebrate. And my husband is a huge fan of local craft beers.

  18. I want to win to give to my daughter and her husband. My daughter has a two year old and she is such a wonderful mom. she works full time now and never has a day just for her and her husband. I will be the baby sitter.

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