The math app that helps parents help their kids

Mamas, we know that helping kids with math homework is HARD for most of us and it has been even harder these past 12 months during Covid. So we wanted to make sure you saw this USA Today article about a math app that seems to be making life easier for parents and kids.

The app is called Photomath. The basic version is free. You hover the smartphone over any math problem and it gives you the answer BUT ALSO shows you the steps involved in finding the answer on your own. The paid version even has some problem-solving animations to help kids really master the concepts.

According to the USA Today article, the app is one of the three most-downloaded education apps in the world. It has solved more than two billion math problems so far. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Click HERE to see the article about the app that just might help us all survive math homework after all.