Slightly Tilted: Things to do this November

By Jen Adair, Blogger at Slightly Tilted, Entreprenuer, Homeschool Mom to two fab kiddos

This time of year is busy and can leave you flustered, frustrated, and exhausted. At least, I blame this time of year on feeling flustered, frustrated, and exhausted. I swear I take my brain with me everywhere I go, but sometimes it doesn’t work the way it should. There are some important things to remember once fall arrives to help you stay balanced and focused.

Have Seasonal Delicacies

The cashier at the grocery store was excited about November. She gushed about the weather, the trees, and the holidays coming up. She may have been drunk on pumpkin beer or had one too many pumpkin spice mocha no whip lattes with an extra shot. Hey, I don’t blame her. Those things are good.

pumpkin200Anyway, this is what I’m thinking as I’m paying for my groceries. She hands me my receipt and says, “Have a Happy Thanksgiving!”

I say, “You have a happy pumpkin giving, too!”
Wait. What?
I blinked. She blinked.
She says, “Haha! I’ve never heard it called it that before!”
I say, “Tis the season! Of pumpkins…” and speed walk out of that place.

I blame that little exchange on being dehydrated. Obviously, I was thirsty for pumpkin-flavored something and my mouth and my brain couldn’t communicate.

Spread the Love

Earlier that week, I pulled into Sonic to get an iced tea. (I don’t know why their tea tastes so good. I think maybe they put crack in it, but don’t quote me on that.) I was talking to my hubby on the phone, pushed the button to order, and hurriedly finished my call as they asked for my order.

sonic buttonI gave my order. They repeated the order.
Them: “Is that right, ma’am?”
Me: “Be careful! Love you!”
Me: “I meant YES! Yes!!!”

I’m convincing myself that I made the carhop feel loved and I probably helped him get over some deep emotional problem.

Be Grateful

When you have a craving for Chinese food, you might as well just go get Chinese food. There’s really no sense in fighting it. I went to pick up my bag of deliciousness, and threw the car into reverse.

chinese food containerThe car behind me was also in reverse. I waited for them to back out. They waited for me to back out.

We waited forever. I got frustrated  and started to back out. They started to back out. I pulled back up. They pulled back up.

This went on for a couple minutes. Literally TWO minutes of reverse, forward, reverse.

Finally, I just went for it. I put the car into reverse and backed out.

That’s when I realized the car behind me was the reflection of my own freaking car in the store window.

I am grateful it wasn’t a real car. I am grateful I didn’t have a wreck. I am grateful the Chinese food was still hot when I got home.


As the weather changes and the holidays begin, don’t forget to laugh at yourself in the midst of the busyness this time of year brings.

Also, drink pumpkin-flavored things and eat Chinese food. But not at the same time.

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