Alone: A Fairytale

By Jen Adair, Blogger at Slightly Tilted, Entreprenuer, Homeschool Mom to two fab kiddos

The girl planned her escape carefully,  considering what to take and what to leave.

She would wear her yoga pants and an exercise tank with a long T-shirt covering her butt. If she was going to do this, she wanted to be comfortable.

kindle readerShe would take her Kindle and her Bible and her computer. She’d need her lip balm and her flip flops. Who knew when she’d be back?

She would miss them. She laughed. Would she? They’d call her. Multiple times. They’d beg her to come home. But she wouldn’t.

She made a list of the things they needed to do that they would end up forgetting to do and that she’d end up having to do anyway. She had made dinner. Fresh pjs had been laid out on the beds.

They would be able to make it without her. For a little while.

She went over everything again, just to make sure. She texted all the other moms to make sure they all had her hubby’s number. There would be playdates later, and she was not going to coordinate any of them.

She called her parents, just to hear their voice one more time and get reassurance that what she was doing was okay.

Her hubby texted. He was almost home. Did she need anything? Oh, yes. She needed a lot. She had a list of all the things she needed. Things he would never be able to find no matter how hard he supposedly looked.

He pulled in the drive 10 minutes later. She went out to meet him. He was surprised. This can’t be a full conversation, she reminded herself. This needed to be a shock-and-awe campaign to be successful.

“Hey, honey…what’s up?” he asked.

“Dinner has been made. Pjs are on the bed. I am going to the grocery store. By myself. The kids are all yours. I’m not coming home until they are in bed. I will need photographic proof of this before I return.”

“Ok…love you?” he said, confused.

“Love you, too. A lot. But I have to do this. Good luck.”

She climbed in the car and threw her bag in the backseat. She backed out of the driveway.

She turned on her music. Full blast.

She smiled. She laughed.

whatever she wantedShe could go to the store and get all the things she needed. By herself. She had time to do whatever she wanted.

Whatever. She. Wanted.

She made up her mind right then and there. She was stopping at Sonic to get an iced tea or a diet Coke.

The possibilities were endless.

**This mom fairytale was based on a true life event. Names and details have been deleted to protect the mother who is concerned an insane wave of jealousy will cause complete strangers to hate her for getting time to herself.

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