A website for full bladders!

toilet-roll.jpgYes, there truly is a website out there for just about everything. And this will prove it to you. I stumbled across an article in Health magazine (which is full of great stuff, by the way) where I learned about a new website called The website will tell you at what point during a movie you should “run pee” so that you don’t miss much. It’ll even tell you what you missed while you were in the bathroom, so you won’t have to lean over and ask your husband, only to have him “shush” you in a crowded theater.

And yes, like almost everything these days, there is an “app” for for all you iPhone mamas out there. So you can access it right there in the movie theater and decide when to make a break for the ladies room.

I’m one of the lucky ones. Although my bladder is certainly not as strong as it was thrpopcorn-and-drink.jpgee kids ago, I’m still pretty good at getting through a movie with a medium drink and no trips to the bathroom. But I have several friends who can barely get through a fast-food lunch without going to the potty, much less a long movie. So for all my weak-bladdered buddies, this post is for you. Check out I think it’s a genius idea.