Pure Barre Opening Today: New fitness studio in Fayetteville!

A fabulous Pure Barre studio is opening in Fayetteville today and guess what? The owners, Leigh and Gabbie, want to treat YOU, the nwaMotherlode mamas.

Use the promo code “PureBarreLovesMoms” to receive an EXTRA $10 off their already awesome Intro Month deal of 4 weeks of unlimited classes for $99. {So you’ll be getting 4 weeks for $89, good for 6/4 – 6/30/2018}

The deal can be purchased through the Pure Barre website, on the Pure Barre App, in the studio — located at 3115 N. College Avenue in Fayetteville — or over the phone.

Thanks for the extra savings, ladies, and congratulations on the grand opening!

We asked Leigh and Gabbie of Pure Barre Fayetteville, one of our nwaMotherlode sponsors, a few questions so we could get to know them better:

What inspired you to start Pure Barre Fayetteville?

We both had been taking Pure Barre for 3 years when the opportunity presented itself to open a franchise here in Fayetteville. It’s always been Gabbie’s dream to open a studio and since she was graduating in December 2017 (with a small business management degree from the UofA) the timing was perfect.

Leigh will never forget the call she received: “I want to open a Pure Barre studio and want you to be my partner!”. Initially it seemed farfetched since Leigh was living in Houston and perfectly content, but since her last child was off to college (also the UofA), the thought of sharing her passion for Pure Barre with a city she loved made it difficult to say no.

What do you love most about the workout?

We love that Pure Barre is not just a place to spend 50 minutes exercising. At Pure Barre, we share a sense of community in which we are inspired and empowered by each others’ fitness and lifestyle goals. It’s a place where “everybody knows your name”!

Will we get a total body workout at Pure Barre?

Heck yeah! We don’t have arm and leg day, we have full body day every day and use weights, tubes and a ball to keep those muscles guessing what’s next.

So you’re a mother-daughter owner team, right?

We are! From Leigh’s perspective, talk about a dream come true! “With Gabbie 9 hours away in Fayetteville for 4 years, visiting just couldn’t replace seeing her every day,” Leigh said. “And now that we are working together we have developed a newfound respect for what each brings to our partnership. Pure Barre has definitely empowered us to empower others!

Will you two be teaching classes?

Gabbie is teaching while Leigh will manage the studio.

Tell us about your current $99 grand opening special:

Our Intro Month special ($99 for 4 weeks of unlimited classes) is the best way to find out what Pure Barre is all about and AND see results at the same time! {Remember, nwaMotherlode mamas can get $10 off the already low Intro Month deal! Just use code “PureBarreLovesMoms” online or in person at the studio on North College in Fayetteville.}

What kinds of exercises will we be doing?

Each Pure Barre class begins with a warm-up in the center of the room, on the floor, and then standing with light weights to work those arm muscles. We’ll then move to the barre to work your thighs and your seat.

After the seat work, you’ll do a series of ab exercises, followed by a cool down. While the flow of class is always the same, we are always changing the music and exercises, so you never experience the same class twice!

And the best news? You could never have worked out a day in your life and still be successful in barre! Since instructors always offer different modifications to the moves that they’re demonstrating, it’s easy to find the most challenging position for your fitness level. This accommodation makes it easy for all ages and all stages to enjoy barre fitness.

How long are classes?

Each Pure Barre class lasts 50 minutes. It’s important to know our classes begin exactly on time!

Do you offer private or small group classes?

It’s so much fun to host Barre-ty’s (clever, right?)! Pure Barre can host wedding, birthday, corporate groups….really anyone who wants to gather together to workout! We can’t wait to host a “Bring Your Man to the Barre” class!

We like to have fun while we work out. Is this a good fit for us?

Pure Barre IS fun (think, working out with your friends to the best music) and because the choreo changes every 3 months, the workout never gets old.

Is Pure Barre a good workout for losing weight and getting toned? 

Instead of relying on Pure Barre exercises as a primary way to lose weight, think of Pure Barre as a complement to a regular aerobic exercise routine. The cardio will burn fat and calories, as well as promote heart health, while the Pure Barre classes strengthen and tone your body while improving flexibility

Who else could benefit?

So many! Pure Barre strengthens and stretches muscles throughout the body which helps runners and athletes of all sports improve their posture, prevent injury and even increase their speed.

Barre classes are typically positive for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis because the range of motion can be adjusted to fit the limitations of inflamed joints. A ballet barre workout is also low-impact, which means never having to worry about excess pounding that could wreak havoc on joints.

Strength training also helps build strong bones, which is especially important for those who suffer from osteoporosis.

Do you have day, night and/or weekend classes?

All three!

What do people usually say about the experience after their first workout at Pure Barre?

Truthfully? “It was fun but a lot harder than I thought”.  We hear that comment quite often from the men who take the class thinking because we use 2 lb weights, Pure Barre is easier than their gym workout!

What else?

We’re not just about barre classes! We have a 400 sf foot retail boutique with the the best in athleisure wear from DYI, ALO, Beyond Yoga, 2XU, Emily Hsu, Pure Barre and more!

We’re excited to partner with Kadyluxe, an apparel line created by a former ballerina and NBA dancer.

Look for licensed Razorback leggings and tees in our studio in August, just in time for football season! (Only the UofA bookstore can carry this line besides us!)

Some interesting things:

Our LLC is called BarreHogs…..an homage to our passion for Razorback athletics!

Leigh’s husband still live in Houston running a transportation company with their oldest son but is in Fayetteville as often as possible and hopes to move here soon.

CLICK HERE to visit Pure Barre Fayetteville’s website. To stay updated on the regular about what’s happening at the studio, click here for Facebook and here for Instagram!