See who won the Birthday Girls box for May + send in your June birthdays!

Drum roll, please, it’s time to announce the Birthday Girls List winner for May!

But first, a reminder to send us your June birthdays! If you have a birthday coming up in JUNE, just send us an email to mamas{at}nwamotherlode{dot}com or a Facebook message to be added to the list for next month!

We’ve partnered with DaySpring for the Birthday Girls List and each month one local mama will win a fun DaySpring Birthday Box (chosen at random among all the birthday girls).

But EVERYONE on the list who’s celebrating a birthday that month will receive a $10 gift card from DaySpring!

The winner of May’s Birthday Box is … KELSEY COX!

Here’s a little info about this local mom:

I live in Springdale with my husband, Jerome, and we have two, hilarious and rambunctious boys — four-year-old Cameron and two-year-old Miles. I work in internal communication at J.B. Hunt and Jerome works at Highlands Oncology Group as a medical physicist. We are active at Keypoint Church and spend a lot of time outside with the kids exploring all the parks, streams, and activities NWA has to offer. 

Congratulations, Kelsey! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of these other aMAYzing birthday girls!

  • Ashley Byrd Pharr, May 1
  • Sarah Spencer, May 2
  • Tiarra Villarreal, May 2
  • Brandi Gaudian, May 2
  • Heather Francis, May 2
  • Kristin Harp, May 3
  • Amber Gilmore, May 3
  • Pam Stachey, May 4
  • Marcy Bookout, May 5
  • Stacy Hensley, May 6
  • Jessica Alderson, May 6
  • Crystal Lee Farley, May 6
  • Ashley Wood, May 7
  • Bev Staggs Worley, May 8
  • MJ White, May 9
  • Alisha Davis, May 10
  • Kim Ivy, May 10
  • Amy Joyce, May 10
  • Valarie Jones, May 10
  • Jennifer Mathews, May 10 (happy 40th!)
  • Polly Alderson, May 10
  • Renee Campbell, May 10
  • Kelsey Cox, May 10
  • Amy Mathers, May 11
  • Krystle Payne, May 11
  • Marilyn Aguilar, May 11
  • Amy Blackman, May 11
  • Andrea Madrid, May 12
  • Kristin Harp, May 13
  • Brooke Gettings, May 13
  • Alesia Duncan, May 15
  • Kanitha Le, May 15
  • Robin Meeks, May 15
  • Amber Early, May 16
  • Erin Bartz, May 16
  • Tara Eaton-Harris, May 16
  • Melissa McClure, May 16
  • Nicole Peoples-Rodden, May 16
  • Lissette Moquette, May 17
  • Lana Ginn, May 17 (Lana’s entering the 40s club!)
  • Jaymie Lippiett Welch, May 17
  • Alisha Herrington Hoback, May 18
  • Silvia Rutledge, May 18
  • Ashley Grajeda-Barrett, May 18
  • Devin Sneed, May 19
  • Trina Simon, May 19
  • Brittney Gulley, May 19
  • Stephanie Updegraff, May 21
  • Stephanie Demieville, May 22
  • Amber Langston, May 23
  • Meredith Hutchins, May 23 (happy 40th!)
  • Shayla Ledbetter, May 24
  • Carrie Jackson Wright, May 27
  • Amy Finnegan, May 27 (30th birthday)
  • Surya Prabhu, May 28
  • Rachael Vaughan, May 28
  • Am Marissa Sorey, May 28th (happy 30th!)
  • Melissa Wright, May 28
  • Hannah Carter, May 29
  • Shelli Niksch, May 30
  • Erin Moore, May 30
  • Eula Kindle, May 31 (happy 85th! Go EULA!)

Remember, mamas, if you have a birthday coming up in June, let us know so you’ll have a chance to win the Birthday Box and score a coupon code! We’ll publish all the birthdays during your birthday month, so be sure to reach out with your info before the beginning of each new month.

Click here to read about April’s Birthday Box winner!

May birthday mamas, we’ll send you a special code for the $10 off coupon code ASAP if we have your email!

DaySpring has beautiful faith-filled gifts and cards for great prices and for every occasion, so you’re sure to find something you love. Happy shopping!

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