Moms need sleep, too. Here’s why it’s SO important

Moms, you already know how important it is for your kids to sleep. But you need it, too. We all do. It’s more important than you might realize.

When my kids were little, I often stayed up way too late simply because I had so much stuff I needed to do. And sometimes I did it because I was so desperate for a little kid-free time to myself. Either way, I paid the price the next day because lack of sleep feels lousy. But we’ve all been there, right?

This article about sleep on the CNET website made me realize just how much the human brain demands sleep — and what can happen when you deprive it of that sleep too many times. Lack of sleep can impact:

  • mental health
  • memory
  • concentration
  • learning
  • your risk of dementia later in life

The back-to-school time of year is a good time to “reset” your kids’ sleeping patterns and yours, too. It’s amazing how something as basic as sleep can bump up your entire quality of life.

Click HERE to read the CNET article “Your Brain Is Begging You To Sleep More. Here’s Why.”