Mom-Approved Award Winner and Best Overall Mom-Friendly Business: Lisa Mac Photography

Editors’ note: Congrats to Lisa Mac Photography website, one of our website sponsors who recently earned a Mom-Approved Award in the “Best Family Photographer” category. She was also voted “Best Overall Mom-Friendly Business of 2018.”  Get info on what Lisa Mac Photography offers in today’s featured profile.

Voted “Best Family Photographer”

and “Best Overall Mom-Friendly Business of 2018”

Winner: Lisa Mac Photography

Specialties: Maternity portraits, newborns, babies, toddlers, families, high school seniors

Professional memberships: Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Arkansas Professional Photographers Association (APPA)

Contact info: 479-271-8017

Scroll down to see a sampling of Lisa Mac’s photos featured in this post. See more by visiting the Lisa Mac Photography website and Facebook page.

Special note from the mamas, Gwen and Shannon:

Mamas, we were thrilled but not at all surprised when we tallied up the votes for the winner of the “Best Overall Mom-Friendly Business” in this year’s Mom-Approved Awards. We know this winner well, and we couldn’t agree more with your choice because Lisa of Lisa Mac Photography is one of the most mom-friendly people we know.

Gwen has been having her family photos made by Lisa for nine years now, and Lisa is also the official photographer for the NWA Mom Prom. So we know how fun it is to work with Lisa and also how beautiful her photos are. Even when a family photo shoot feels like it’s falling apart because the kids aren’t cooperating, Lisa somehow captures the split seconds when everyone is smiling and looking at the camera and being their best self.

But Lisa is also a mom, too. She and her husband, Glen, have four beautiful little boys. So she doesn’t shy away from capturing the silly or funny moments that often happen during a photo shoot because those are part of real life, too. (Love this little girl illustrating the face-palm emoji!)

Lisa’s clients really do get the VIP treatment. Lisa and her assistant Kathy always make the photo shoot easy and laid-back. But our favorite part of the experience comes when it’s time to see the photos. Lisa has this incredible home theater in her photography studio. You walk in, sit in a comfy theater seat and watch these huge, gorgeous photos of your kids appear on the movie screen in front of you while soft music plays in the background. It’s such a cool experience (and it makes Gwen get weepy every time she sees her babies on that big screen and how fast they’re growing up!)

Once you choose which photos you want to purchase, they’re transformed into art for your home and delivered in beautiful packaging. The whole thing feels special. Family photos that you truly love are so important, and we mamas treasure them for a lifetime. They become part of a family’s history.

We won’t attempt to describe the magical quality that Lisa’s photos always seem to have. We’d rather show you because her work will melt you into a pool of mama butter. Enjoy!

Maternity photos




High School Seniors


Congratulations to Lisa and her team at Lisa Mac Photography!

Click here to visit the Lisa Mac Photography website.


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