Military Mama: Army Wife Strong

By Jade Stone

Today I pay homage to the unsung heroes of the military. They are the silent soldiers that provide invisible support and strength to the soldier while maintaining a household on the home-front.

In any given day you might end up wiping a tear of sorrow and longing or caring for a boo-boo,  talking to your spouse several thousand miles away ensuring the soldier that everything is under control, paying the bills, mowing the grass, getting the oil changed and finishing up with dinner, a little laundry and the bedtime rituals, before packaging a few of your soldiers favorite things so that he or she knows they are a constant in your thoughts always, and somewhere in the middle, holding down a job! And that might be a light day!

It might seem unrealistic and blown out of proportion but I assure you, I have had those days myself. This happens every day somewhere in our nation and I say “May God bless you all”!

I found this incredibly cute poem that I’d like to share with you. I’m sure that spouses of people who travel for a living often feel the same way and may also identify with this. The author is unknown to me. However, if you happen to know who it came from, I would love to know! It really does sum up the job of an army wife better than anything I could do myself! The job of a soldier’s spouse is complex and often misunderstood and under-appreciated by society but I assure you, most of us would have it no other way.

Most of the initials stand for specific job titles or locations that are common realities of military life. I couldn’t help but feel at home and identified tremendously with this writer! I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

I’ve noticed in my present job,

There is a tiny quirk.

There’s no respect at all

And it’s not considered work!

Well, I am here to show you

Another point of view.

And give you an idea

Of what I really do!

Here’s my job description,

And to better understand,

It’s written in the language

Of the Army Man.

I’m the IG

Complaints come to me.

I am the medic,

I bandaged the skinned knees.

I’m the legal office

And the court-martial, too.

I decide the punishment,

How much and on who.

I’m Health and Welfare,

Inspecting for junk,

And the 1SG

Checking the bunk.

I’m also Supply

In charge of food & clothes,

Housewares, diapers, toys,

and heaven only knows.

I’m the MP

Who secures the door,

I’m also the Private

Who GI’s the floor.

I’m the Mess Sergeant

Who cooks all the meals.


In charge of the Wheels.


Planning all the fun

And I am the Bugler

Announcing the “day is done”.

I’m the KP

Who does all the dishes,

I am the DA

Who hears all your wishes.

I’m the CQ

And the Firegaurd, too.

There isn’t that much

That I don’t do.

I’m the instructor, too,

You see

Because what is learned

Is taught by me

I’m the Squad Leader

Who knows his troops well,

Sometimes the Drill Sergeant,

Who really can yell.

I’m the S4,

S1, 2, 3,

Just about everything

Must come through me.

Appropriations, taskings,

And commitments too,

I’m responsible

For all we do.

I never go to battle

And AR of some sort,

But you can count on me

To bravely guard the Fort.

I’m always on Duty,

I never take leave,

No holidays off,

It’s hard to believe.

I can never ETS.

I signed for life,

My primary MOS is Mom

My secondary is Army Wife.

For all my devotion to duty

My LES says “NO PAY DUE!”

Because I’m not paid in money,

But in the words, “I LOVE YOU”!

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