Mental Wellness Tips for Mom and Families

By Jane Guyton, Ozark Guidance

Mental illness isn’t choosy. It can touch anyone, regardless of age, race, religion or income level. It might be a result of a biological, inherited trait, or it might be triggered by a traumatic life experience. No matter how it happens, there ARE things that moms and families can do to take care of overall mental wellness. Here’s the list:

  1. Connect with other people. Don’t be isolated.
  2. Become physically active because activity releases positive endorphins in the brain.
  3. Stay positive, and develop an “attitude of gratitude” for the small things in life.
  4. Volunteer to do something for others; Become service-oriented and help other people who are less fortunate.
  5. Look for ways to create joy in your family; Find satisfaction and celebrate life’s little pleasures.
  6. Get enough sleep! Develop a consistent habit of sleep for your children and family.
  7. Eat a balanced diet; Avoid too much sugar and caffeine.
  8. Value your physical and mental health and the health of your family.
  9. Get professional help for yourself or your family during hard times.

People who face issues related to mental illness are not that different from people who are mentally well. Follow the 9 tips above to help keep your family mentally well. And please be quick to talk to people who can help you during any phase of your life when your mental health is at risk.

For more information about mental health and wellness log onto the Ozark Guidance web site at or call 750-2020.  If you would like a Mental Wellness Awareness lapel pin, call 695-1240 and ask to speak with Staci or Jane.