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Tune in to the Magic in the Morning radio show today (Thursday) around 8 a.m. and join in our kezaad1.jpgconversation about books! Call in and tell us about your favorites. Click here or on the graphic on the right to listen to Magic 107.9 live on your computer. (You can then minimize the radio window and surf the Net while you listen to music.)

Today we’ll be talking about books on parenting, novels, non-fiction books and books the kids will love, too. School might be out for the summer, but it’s a great time to pick up some new books for yourself as well as a few that will keep the kids’ reading skills sharp during their summer break.

You can always find great info about books in our monthly feature called “What We’re Reading,” which is sponsored by Witherspoon Optometry. It’s under the Entertainment category in the list on the right.

Here are a few links to other nwaMotherlode articles which list recommendations on all kinds of books. Just click on the title of any article listed below to see book recommendations:

As parents, it’s SO important for our kids to see us reading so they’ll want to do it, too. Hope these suggestions help you and your kids find a few great books to read this summer.

If you have a book recommendation for your fellow mamas, please click on the word “comment” below or click HERE to visit the Magic in the Morning Facebook page and post your suggestions on their wall. Happy reading!

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  1. Reading regularly is so important to a Childs development. My son loves to memories what I read and the pretend read by saying it back as he flips through the book. It’s real cute. My book suggestion is “In the Cows Backyard” by Alma Flor Ada. It has many animal sounds in it which not only help children to learn the sounds but also makes it real fun for the child. With the bright colorful pages, this book is a winner for any child. Happy reading!

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