Mamas, get in the picture! More mom pics needed

We’re all guilty of it. Sometimes we mamas avoid being in the family photos because we’re not loving our hair that day. Or we don’t have on makeup. Or we’re wearing our rattiest t-shirt. Or any number of not-so-great reasons. But our kids don’t care about any of those things. They just want to see their mom in the pictures and as part of all those memories.

So this latest video from the Holderness family has perfect timing because this weekend is Mother’s Day, and we must all INSIST that our husbands take the pictures this time. Show him how to do it! Give specific instructions. Always shoot from above, and take LOTS and LOTS of shots so we can find that one millisecond where we actually like the angle of our face or the lighting or whatever.

Not only are the words to this parody hilarious, it’s also just a kick-butt song that we love. Def Leopard forever! Enjoy it, mamas. And get your beautiful faces into those photographs! No excuses.

Share this video with your husband today and tell him he’s in charge of pics all weekend.