List of best eye creams tested by users

Mamas, Shannon and I have never met an eye cream we didn’t want to try. We’re always on the hunt for the best of the best.

If you’ve already found an eye cream that you love so much that you’d never consider looking around for something new, we want to hear about it, so post a comment please and help a mama out!

But for the rest of us who are always keeping our eyes peeled for a shiny new eye cream with rave reviews, click here to see a list of eye creams recently tested by users at the Good Housekeeping lab.

We especially like how this list organizes the eye creams according to specific issues or needs. (Mature skin, firming, moisturizing, dark circles, etc.) There are also products included on the list that span a wide range of price points which makes it easier to find one that matches up with your budget.

I’m hoping to find a new eye cream that does a good job of both brightening any dark circles AND tightening up any under-eye bags. Often I’m able to find a cream that does one of those jobs but not the other.

Based on the notes provided by the testers of the eye creams on this list, I’m going to try the Garnier product pictured above because of its ranking and its price point. But I also may try this one by Murad because I’d’ really like to firm up the puffy skin under my eyes, and this one earned high marks at that task.

Hope this post and link hope you find an eye cream to fall in love with!