Northwest Arkansas Health: Things you need to know about the flu shot this year

The flu. UGH.

We recently visited with one of Mercy’s newest family medicine doctors, Megan Busch, to find out when we should get a flu shot, whether the flu mist is available this year and several other flu-related questions — like “If you’re pregnant, can you take Tamiflu?”

She also talked to us about why elderly people and kids are susceptible to the flu as well as misconceptions about the shot. We also asked about how you know the difference between a cold and the flu.

Dr. Busch is AWESOME and we think you’ll love her, too. She’s a mom of two little girls and just bubbles over with care for her patients. Here’s the video interview we did with her at the Mercy Clinic Primary Care in Centerton:

Our thanks to Dr. Megan Busch of Mercy — one of our sponsors here at nwaMotherlode since 2008 — for her advice about flu shots. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Busch, call the Centerton clinic at 479-310-6810 or click here to see more information about her.