Giveaway: Tickets to see Robin Hood on stage at Walton Arts Center

robin hoodIf you didn’t win — or get a chance to throw your name in the hat — for the Home Free Vocal Band last week, we’ve got another giveaway starting today!

We’ve got FOUR tickets to see The Adventures of Robin Hood on Oct. 16th at Walton Arts Center. Since you’ll have 4 tix, you can go with another couple or take the kids (this show is recommended for ages 7 and up).

ABOUT THE SHOW: Somewhere near you there is a band of brothers fighting for justice, seeking to rid the land of evil and return hope to the poorly treated. They are lean, mean, trained justice-seeking machines!

Armed with whatever comes their way, nothing is as it seems in this Sherwood Forest. But one thing is for sure…no rogue is safe!

Join the internationally acclaimed Visible Fictions cast for a silly and unexpected take on this classic story. This presentation for youth and adults is an equally memorable and powerful experience, mixing things up and turning the story of Robin Hood on its head. Prepare to unleash your imagination!

(Content considered suitable for children ages 7 and up.)

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d like to see this FUN, SILLY show for free, click on the words ‘comment’ below and tell us about something that made you laugh out loud recently. This just happened to me: I was in one of those creepy Halloween stores a few days ago and suddenly a large (automated) spider jumped out at me. I screamed first, then laughed loudly enough that the whole store probably heard me! Your turn!

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Good luck, mamas!


  1. I recently laughed out loud when my daughter ran through the house naked saying “look, I naked mommy”. 🙂

  2. I laughed out loud listening to my daughters play with their dolls in the back seat. It was like they had listened to every word of the conversation I had with my BFF in the front seat and re-enacted it together in the back! Hilarious!

  3. This weekend was my 30th bday and my husband and kids made me a histerical card that made me laugh out loud!

  4. My 8 year old son is somewhat competitive. On Friday I decided to take him bowling and I was joking around saying I was going to beat him. We got to the bowling alley and he looked at me and asked me “are you ready to get schooled?!” He made me laugh and he set the tone for the evening. And yes, he did win!

  5. Our 4 y/o mixes up her letters all the time. We had lunch at PBS Changs and dessert at tBcy. 🙂

  6. Thinking about how silly we can be with our children and not care who hears us.

  7. I came home from work friday with the music blaring and the kids came out to greet me and started dancing crazy all over the sidewalk. It was hilarious.

  8. Just listening to my co workers throughout the day cracking jokes makes me LOL!

  9. I was at a birthday party this weekend and started yelling “woo” when watching a volcano errupt (fake of course) trying to make it more exciting for the children. Then realized I was the only one making noise. 🙂 The kids were all just watching the volcano. LOL

  10. Yesterday my 6 year old got out of the car, put on his fedora and broke out in dance (Thriller Dance). He even did MJ’s crotch grab move! This was in the Beef O Brady Parking lot. It was pretty funny and entertaining; -)

  11. My oldest boy (6yrs), loves to say that when he’s a parent (adult), he’s going to be the best guy in the world and help people (like superheroes and community helpers do)! He makes me laugh so much and he has such a kind heart!

  12. The other night at dinner with my hubby & kiddos, my husband was reading something funny online and started laughing so hard he was crying! The kids & I started laughing too….it wa contagious! I had to video him! Ha!

  13. Well thanks for making me realize that it’s been a long time since I have laughed out loud. I guess i need to work on that.

  14. Sorry to say i LOL’d When my two year old said a “bad” word for the first time. Just being honest.

  15. We went camping this weekend and I laughed a lot, especially when my 2 year old daughter started crying when she saw her dad push down a dead tree. He came over to console her and she got a mean look on her face and said, “You gonna die!” in between her tears. Apparently she thought he was going to get hurt doing what he did! So funny! I would love to win this to take my son and another friend.

  16. Our 4 yr old son Grahm sitting across from us at lunch last week and seriously declared the following “When I grow up I can do the dishes. I can also have a glass of water. And a coke because grown ups can have coke. I can touch the grown up camera too. I can also drive a car when I get big”. Cracked us up!

  17. I took my daughter to see “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” recently. After it was over I asked her which turtle was her favorite to which she replied, “Donatello.” Surprised, I asked her why and she told me, “Because he is almost as smart as I am.” I laughed out loud and totally agreed with her!

  18. I was in a local restaurant when my little one unlocked the door and ran out with his pants pulled down. He wanted to tell my husband that he used the potty:)

  19. Kindergarten jokes and the kooky way they are funny without making any sense are making us laugh out loud lately.

  20. My child and I like to watch the silly cat and dog videos. Some of them are very funny.

  21. the other day i was outside with my two little ones. all the sudden i heard my 2 year old daughter tell my 5 year old son, “that’s sgusting Parker!” I look over to see my 5 year olds pants down to his ankles while he was peeing in the corner of the front yard!

  22. My daughter and I were watching tv and there was a loud noise in the kitchen. We both turned in time to see the sleeping kitten on the couch go straight up in the air and miss her sleeping spot on the way back down by a few inches, so grasping at the edge of couch and flipping over and disappearing down the side. It was hilarious.

  23. I laughed out loud at one of my students who was shocked and very amused that Russia had a president named Putin. 🙂

  24. I tripped and almost busted going into a store the other day. I didn’t get hurt, so I just laughed it off…

  25. Would love to go. Recently my 3 year old wanted to sleep in my bed. She looked me straight in the eyes and said “you can trust me”. Made me laugh so hard.

  26. I have a 7 year old with cp she carries around a stuffed puppy we call tags everywhere we go…she has great siblings too. Recently we took a trip to hot springs. We decided to climb the tower and of course my 16 year old twin boys just have to go the stairs. So one grabs my little girl and throws her on his shoulders and heads up, the other grabbed her stuffed dog and put it on his shoulders and heads up it was quite the site. My daughter thought it was so funny that her puppy tags was on her other brothers shoulders that she started to giggle so hard she curled up on her brothers shoulders..her laugh is so contagious she had the whole family laughing almost to the point the we could not climb. It was a great day

  27. My 4 year old son stayed the night with my parents, one night this week. My mom sent me a hilarious video of my son singing in the shower. He had no idea he was being recorded! So funny!

  28. When my husband shaved and asked me to check. I was so tired I said yes it looks good. He came home later and not so much!

  29. My ten year old son started a new school this year. One day I asked if he had made any friends yet and he said “yes, he is Spanish and New York,” My silly kid is always coming up with funny comments.

  30. On the way home from church last night, my 6 year old son told me that he had went to “big church” with his class for awhile. I said, “really? What did you do there?” He proceeded to tell me that they sang Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night”! Can you imagine? 🙂 Crazy kid!

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