Devotion in Motion: Attitude of Gratitude

By Shannon, a (usually) grateful mama

 It seems like every time I pop into Barnes & Noble these days, there’s a new book out about happiness. I like being happy, really I do, but as children of God, we’re not promised continual happiness. But we’re always expected to be grateful — and happiness tends to be a by-product of gratitude.

I’ve noticed that when I start to feel overwhelmed by work or marriage or mothering, my thoughts often turn to everything I don’t have. But my attitude turns around when I stop looking at what I don’t have and focus on what I do.

Then I become thankful for that barrier reef of laundry, because it means I have abundant clothes to wear. I thank God for the leaky roof because it means I have a house to live in and enough money to pay for the repairs. I may not have a new car, but I also don’t have a car payment.

It’s just a matter of perspective.

Most nights, when the lights are out and it’s time for sleep, I try to think of everything I’m grateful for and tell God how much I appreciate these gifts.

Sometimes, like last night, when I finally put my weary head down on the pillow and started to give thanks, I was so tired that all I could think to say was: “Thank you, God, for this bed.”

And then I proceed to show Him just how much I appreciated those cozy covers and that soft pillow by falling asleep before I could offer up appreciation for anything else.

In Psalm 92, the Bible says, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; To declare Your loving kindness in the morning, and Your faithfulness every night.”

Here’s praying you’ll count your blessings today and remember to thank God for them tonight (unless you’re asleep before your head hits the pillow). Have a fabulous Sunday!