Cute Halloween costumes for 2023

Have you found or made your kids’ Halloween costumes yet? If not and you’re desperate for an idea, check out this list we found on the Good Housekeeping website that features 54 of the best Halloween kids costume ideas for 2023.

We like how this list includes options that you can buy locally, get online or make yourself. They even include links to some DIY tutorials on how to make some of these costumes.

Included in the list are costumes for Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers. When my boys were little and obsessed with Super Mario, they dressed up as Mario and Luigi one year for Halloween. Even though the boys are 21 and 19 now, that is still my favorite Halloween picture of the two of them together. I just wish I had dressed up their little sister as Princess Peach!

Click HERE to see the list of the 54 best Halloween kids costume ideas for 2023.