How do you get your child to give up her pacifer?

We’ve all been there.

The pacifier/binky really needs to go, but your kid is saying no way. So how does a mom to get her child to willingly give it up?

Well, our photographer friend, Melinda Worthington, used a clever trick when her daughter, Clary,  turned 3. Super smart!

Mindy took Clary to Build-A-Bear at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade Mall to say goodbye to her binky.

Clary picked out an adorable kitty, watched it get stuffed, then slowly and somewhat reluctantly placed the heart inside…along with her last pacifier. Just look at these sweet pictures:

Clary pics
#growinguptoofast #sobrave

Mindy says she’s still doing well without her binky and has not performed a binky-otomy on the kitty so far.