Birthday Girls List is back!

As some of you have noticed, the Birthday Girls List has been on a small vacation. But she’s back now and ready to party!

For those of you who got missed over the past few months, we’ll add your name to this month’s hat for a chance to win dinner out. So if you had a birthday or anniversary in March, April, or May, e-mail us at (or comment below) and we’ll throw your name in the party hat. If you’re celebrating in June, let us know that, too!

So, to recap, if your birthday or anniversary is in March, April, May or June, just comment here or send us an email about your birthday or anniversary and you could win dinner out, courtesy of! At the end of the month we’ll choose two winners at random (one b-day, one anniversary).

Winners will be announced on or around the first of the month.

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Restaurants are listed completely at random every month and you can follow them on Twitter (Here’s a link!) to get early announcements when new restaurants are about to be listed. Click here to check it out and bookmark the site for future reference, so you can check it out before your next dinner on the town or to see where you’d like your birthday or anniversary dinner!

Thanks, mamas, and we look forward to wishing you a happy birthday!


  1. Just realized the comment button wasn’t playing nice. Fixed now! Keep ’em coming! We want to hear about your special days 🙂

  2. I had a birthday in April, and my husband and I will celebrate our anniversary in June!

  3. I’m a June 5th birthday girl….spent my 30th birthday sick in bed with strep throat, so we celebrated it last weekend instead:-)

  4. My birthday was may 23rd.. i turned the BIG 3-3!! Yikes!

    🙂 Thank you mamas!

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