Beauty Buzz: “Ask Amy” on foundation primer

Dear Amy,

Iʼm confused about foundation “primer.” What is it and do I really need it?

Dear Prime Time,

Itʼs easy to get confused by all the new products that crop up every day, and primers seem to be the latest and greatest “must-have.” Basically, a primer is just a lightweight moisturizer that smooths out your skin and helps foundation look more evenly applied. Whether you really need one is a matter of personal preference. Any moisturizer applied before foundation will accomplish the same smooth and even look, as long as youʼre using one that isnʼt too emollient for your skin type (you donʼt want your olayserum.jpgmakeup to “melt” away). I have used Laura Mercierʼs Foundation Primer and love the results, but I have found that Olayʼs Daily Regenerating Serum accomplishes the same thing for less than half the price. The next time youʼre at Sephora or a local make-up store, ask for a few primer samples — Lancome, Bare Escentuals, and Makeup For Ever all make good ones. Test them out for a few days to see if a primer is something youʼd like to add to your makeup routine. Good luck!

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