Beauty Buzz: All that glitters

Dear Andi,

When is it time to throw out the “shimmer” cosmetics? I’ve always heard that women of a certain age should have a more matte look so that wrinkles aren’t as visible. What’s your opinion?

Dear Shimmer,

First of all, there is a difference between “shimmer” makeup and “glitter” makeup. Anything with visible specks of glitter needs to hit the curb, along with any backless shirts, before you hit mid-twenties. But, a shimmer makeup can make your skin look hydrated and therefore more youthful.

I have never been a fan of matte makeup and always found that it made my skin look dry and flat. The key is to keep the shimmer in moderation. I use American Beauty Perfect Lighting Line Smoothing Foundation SPF 15 (Kohls, $17.50) that “gently illuminates” (I like the way that sounds) with a subtle shimmer.

A great way to give your eyes a lift is to add a highlighting shade to the inside corners of your eyes and right below your eyebrows. When you are looking to amp up the sparkle for a night out, eyes are a great place to have some fun. The key is to let the sparkle do the work, so keep it light and neutral.