Beauty Buzz: Summer lipstick?


Dear Andi,

What is a good lipstick for summer that has moisturizer and SPF in it?  I don’t like just lip-gloss, I like some color.

origins_plum_perfect.jpgAndi: I, too, was getting sick of my fall back barely-there lip-gloss, and went rooting through my old purses to find the pink lipstick I used to wear. How did I ever ignore this wonderfully moisturizing lipstick for so long? Shame on me!

I fell back in love with Origins Rain and Shine Liptint SPF 15 ($14.50, Dillards). I wear Sugared Toffee, but the Plum Perfect shade fits right in with this season’s trend of bright pinks. Along with the UV protectors, it is packed with shea-butter, grape seed oil, vitamins C and E and a touch of vanilla mint for that tingly feeling I crave (I can’t get enough Lip Medix).

Unfortunately, Origins Rain and Shine is only offered in four shades and is a sheer color, so if you are looking for more options and a more dynamic hue, try Rimmel London’s Moisture Renew Lipcolour SPF 18 ($5.47, Wal-Mart). To find your perfect pink, pull your lip down and match the color to the inside of your lip. Or, embrace this years bold fuchsia lip, but try to remember that people want to hear what your saying, not be hypnotized by your moving neon lips! 

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