Baby Gear & Gadgets: The Baby Shusher is ‘a game changer’ for new parents

It’s time for another installment of Becca tells local mamas about a great baby product she’s loving right now!

She calls this month’s recommendation “a game changer”. It’s called The Baby Shusher.

Becca said this product is revolutionary and has helped keep her sane while trying to soothe a crying/fussy baby.

“It can be found at Amazon and is one of their best-selling baby products — for good reason! I have used this since the hospital. I put it right into the portable crib at the hospital and it instantly helped our baby relax,” she said.

“The nurses wanted them for the hospital -not even kidding! Best thing about this product is that it is small, portable and has three time settings and easy volume control.”

Becca said her baby girl, Finley Rose, is a bit fussy, but the Baby Shusher calms her down fast.

“She quickly responds to the “shhhh” sound that is produced by this small and magical product,” Becca said. “We take it everywhere with us: the car, restaurants, the crib etc.. It is worth every penny and has worked wonders for us and our newborn baby!”

CLICK HERE to read more about The Baby Shusher on Amazon, including lots of reviews. Click here to visit the Baby Shusher website.

ABOUT BECCA: Becca is a mama of three (now that Finley Rose has arrived!) and a dance teacher who runs the ballet program for The Movement Dance Studio in Springdale. Becca loves sharing recommendations with her friends and fellow mamas!