Art of Wine Festival ticket giveaway!


Editor’s Note: Winner will be chosen at 4 p.m. today (June 3). Good luck!

If Welch’s is the finest label you’ve had chilling in your refrigerator lately, here’s your chance to sample more than 400 wines from around the world — FREE! We’re giving away a coveted ticket to attend Walton Arts Center’s Art of Wine Grand Tasting event scheduled for Friday, June 5, at 7 p.m. ($85 value).

The evening will include live entertainment by the Ben Harris Trio and DJ Soulfree; a unique silent auction featuring signed show posters, special wines and other items; and food from more than a dozen of the region’s best restaurants.

How to enter: Just post a comment below telling us your favorite way to unwind (A glass of wine and a bubble bath? A good book? Taking a hike?)

If you want to find out more about the event or to buy tickets to the 9th annual event, click here and go to the Walton Arts Center site. You may also call the box office at 479-443-5600.

Other great Art of Wine events:

  • The Winemaker’s Dinner, Thursday, June 4th, 6 p.m.
  • The Wine Lover’s Brunch, Saturday, June 6th, 11 a.m.
  • NEW! Premier Tasting, Saturday, June 6th, 7 p.m.

The Art of Wine Festival is Walton Arts Center’s biggest fund-raising event. Proceeds support the center’s award-winning arts learning programs for schools and teachers.

Good luck, mamas!


  1. My favorite way to unwind is to take a nice long bubble bath. It ALWAYS relaxes me!!!

  2. hmmm… i’d have to say reading too! takes me away for a little while into someone else’s life… 🙂

  3. My favorite way to unwind is to grab the most gossipy tabloid magazine I can find, turn the jacuzzi on, fill it with bubbles, turn on some old school ’80’s love songs and read all about other people’s lives. Oh, and I am sure to lock the door so no kids/husbands/dogs bother me.

  4. I think my favorite “free time” thing to do is to plug into my ipod and turn up the Keane, or Dave Matthews Band, and sew. Tapping into my creativity always relaxes me. I wish it could happen more often!!

  5. My favorite way to unwind is to read a book if I have one I am into, or sit down and cuddle with my kiddos, that tops my list!

  6. I go into my pink room (I’m a mother of three boys, so there is not pink anywhere else in our home) and look at pictures, or a scrapbook magazine while eating a candy bar or a cookie. That makes me happy and helps me to relax.

  7. My favorite way to unwind is to buy fresh sushi from my favorite restaurant on my way home, to ask for extra ginger so they get it just right. They I take that sushi home, open a bottle of wine, pop in a movie that was conveniently placed in my mailbox by Netflix that morning, cuddle up to my sweetie and our two dogs and relax! Who can beat that? :o)

  8. I like to unwind by sneaking off to Panera Bread Co. with a good book. I feel like I’m completely off the radar (my precious 30 minutes are all I need, really), I use the gift card my daughter gives me since she knows my fondness of Panera, and I pick a chair and table in the furthest corner, get out my book, and pretend I am in a foreign city cafe, somewhere like Paris, eating my French Onion soup, if only for 30 minutes…

  9. Natalia,

    Were we separated at birth? TOTALLY my favorite thing to do, too. I also like to indulge in little Paris fantasies over my soup ….

    Shannon M.

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