Are your kids afraid of “monsters”? Read this book

If you have little ones who are worried about going to sleep because of the possibility of “monsters” in the room, there’s a children’s book you can read to them to help put those fears to bed.

It’s called “The Monster Treaty of In-Betweeny,” by KP  Loundy.  The book has several 5-star ratings on Amazon and tells a great story about two parents who negotiate a deal to help keep the monsters out of kids’ rooms at night. Here’s a description from the book’s publisher:

One smart dad, and a very brave mom decide to travel to where all the monsters are from. After a long run through an In-Between world and a nail-biting standoff, they gather the monsters together to explain how their sneaking and spying are scaring the children. Imagine the monsters’ surprise! After all, they’d only wanted to take a quick peek – a monstery game of hide-and-go-seek. Can they work together to come up with a way to stop all the creeping? Or are kids doomed forever to nights of no sleeping? If they can agree, this could be the beginning of more restful nights and a lot less fear.

This book is a great choice for the month of October when kids hear more about Halloween-related spooky things that might keep them up at night, but it’s timeless because we all know kids can develop fears any time of year.

Here’s one of the customer reviews published on Amazon:

“My daughter crawled in bed with me just last night telling me about the monster in her closet. I ordered this book not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by how relevant the story was to our situation. It is a fun quick read that my daughter stayed engaged with. It is always nice to find things that make parenting a little easier. Thank you, KP Loundry.”

We love the creative, helpful concept at the heart of this book and the incredible illustrations. You can find it on Amazon. Hope it helps keep your house monster-free!

Note from Shannon: Full disclosure, the author is my talented cousin. I’m proud of you, P! This book is wonderful and I can’t wait to read the next one!