All Akimbo on baby fat

By Kim Blakely, pregnant lady

People – I’m just a little over 7 weeks, but I LOOK PREGNANT. I’ve heard that the belly pops earlier in a second pregnancy than in a first, but good golly …

(I’m hoping that and the fact that I can’t stomach any of the grocery store aisles beyond the produce section are signs that things are still going well … but it sure would be nice to know that for sure anytime I wanted.)

Most days it’s not a problem that I can only tolerate my regular pants for a couple of hours, max, and that I practically live in yoga pants and track suits. I do work from home, after all – with the exception of going out on assignments in two or three hour blocks of time – and Mojo and the pets don’t seem to care about my fashion sense. But this Saturday I have to leave my house before daybreak clad in something presentable until after dark.

What am I going to wear?! Isn’t it a little early to break out the maternity wear? I’m not sure it would even stay up around my hips, actually. With Mojo, I was showing earlier than expected, before I was ready for people to know my secret, so I just went out and bought a couple pairs of pants in a bigger size than what I usually wore. I may have to do that this time, too, although I hate the thought of wasting money on clothes I will probably only wear once or twice. What’s a girl to do? Sigh …

My first ob/gyn appointment is coming up on Monday, and I’m anxious about that to say the least. I’m expecting (yes, I am! See, I’m still not used to that idea.) … um, anyway, I’m expecting to at least hear the heartbeat, and I’m also thinking my doctor might send me for a second ultrasound sometime soon. The nurse did mention another one at eight weeks. I’m also wondering what my doctor will say about all those extra tests recommended for us over-35-year-old moms-to-be.

I’m also wondering how to handle Mojo and the first appointment. My husband wants to be there with me, of course, but I don’t have anyone else lined up to stay with Mojo. We haven’t talked to him yet about being a big brother, and I’m thinking it’s probably too early yet to broach the topic. It would be a long wait for him even if we put it off for another couple of months, and what if something goes wrong? But on the other hand, I’m worried that he’s going to overhear us talking about it or that our families are going to slip and tell him the news. I really want him to hear it from us. Honestly, he’s a perceptive kid, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if, after all this agonizing over how and when to tell him, he announced the news himself.

Or maybe he’ll just imply that I need to lay off the cupcakes. The belly, like I said, is burgeoning.