All Akimbo: Luck be a lady

By Kim Blakely, mama to 2

Life has been getting me down lately.

I’ve been worried about money.

Someone rear-ended me while I was driving Mojo to get a haircut a couple of weeks ago – he and Moxie and my mom were in the car with me when it happened. Although none of us were seriously hurt, I’ve been dealing with the usual insurance and car repair headaches associated with an accident, and if I’m honest, I am still having some physical discomfort from the ordeal.

The rental car I’ve been driving is the size of a train. I sing lots of Boxcar Willie songs while I’m tooling around town in it.

Mojo just started back to preschool and I’m not sure how that’s going yet (by which I mean it’s not going great, but I’m holding out hope that things will improve).

I have a tooth that hurts when I bite down. And I have a nearly paralyzing fear of the dentist (not to mention his bills).

To make matters worse, my computer is on the fritz. I mean, it still sort of works, but there is clearly something seriously wrong, and that only serves to intensify the first worry on my list – money. Without a properly working computer, I can’t properly work, you know.

But as I muddle through all my anxieties, I’m struck by how fast life can change. Just like that.

Think about it. A year ago I was still agonizing to you all about how I badly I wanted a baby, a sibling for Mojo, a fourth member of our little family.

A year ago, I still had no idea that Moxie would be in our lives today.

Isn’t that amazing? That a whole new person can enter your life – in fact, that a whole new person can enter the world – in that amount of time?

This time last year, I was still longing to see a positive pregnancy test. And now I get to wake up (several times a night sometimes – ha!) and see Moxie’s sweet face.

I think I’m pretty lucky after all.