5 Minutes With a Mom

Jennifer EnlowName: Jennifer Enlow

Originally from: Born in New York; grew up in Rogers, AR

Age/gender of children: Boy 5, Girl 2

What’s your favorite place to hang out with the kids? the backyard

What’s your best defense against stress? the gym

What’s your favorite chick flick? Pretty Woman

If you had one week at home by yourself, what would you do? That would never happen

Advice you wish someone had given you when you first became a mom? choose your battles wisely

If money were no object, where would you go on your dream vacation? any place with a great beach

What’s your most meaningful family heirloom? photo albums

If you were going to college in the fall, what would you study? medical school

If you could meet one influential woman, dead or alive, who would it be? Oprah Winfrey

What’s something you’ve been meaning to do but it never seems to be a good time? my revolving “to do” list

Parenting is … the best thing I’ve ever done

One phrase to sum me up: “What you see is what you get”