NWA Mom Prom to benefit Laundry Love Program

Laundry Love logoLaundry. It never seems to end. We’re barely finished folding a newly cleaned and dried load when our family is shucking off a day’s worth of clothes that will need to go in the next spin cycle.

We are so blessed, aren’t we?

The truth is, we get frustrated about all that laundry, but we know how fortunate we are to be able to wash our clothes so conveniently. And we know how many people don’t have that option.

That’s why, when we were considering a non-profit that could really use proceeds from the NWA Mom Prom, we decided on the Cobblestone Project’s Laundry Love program. All moms can relate to laundry and the importance of sending our kids to school in clean clothes. Or wearing clean clothes to our jobs.

Laundry Love partners with laundromats across Northwest Arkansas to help those who are homeless or living in poverty. We recently joined NWA Playgroup’s Kara Ault to volunteer at a laundromat in Springdale. Spending time with the people who volunteer — and the sweet people they serve — further cemented our desire to help this non-profit.

THANK YOU to all who purchased tickets and raffle tickets for the Mom Prom! Feel good about the fact that you’ll be helping further the cause of this amazing non-profit! If you don’t have your ticket yet, CLICK here to buy one now.

We took a few pictures in between helping fold laundry and handing out laundry detergent and quarters for the machines (some of those machines take LOTS of quarters!).

Laundry Love Lindsey
Lindsey Kelley, who attends The Grove Church, helped start the Laundry Love program in Springdale. She’s holding a baby who belongs to one of the moms busy doing laundry. Lindsey and volunteers see many needs and try to help in any way they can.
Laundry Love 1
The washers and dryers stay busy on Laundry Love laundry night. Volunteers write names on the outside of the machines with a grease pencil.
Laundry Love, Dana
Dana Nance, a volunteer who attends Fellowship Bible Church, helps out with the kids while their parents wash, dry and fold clothes.
Dana at Laundry Love
Dana, a teacher in the Rogers School District, works with the kids to make butterflies out of coffee filters.