Hey mama, is your birthday coming up? The Birthday Girls List is BACK!

Those of you who’ve been with us since the early years probably remember our feature called “The Birthday Girls List”.

It was a fun way to wish our readers a happy birthday and to also gift someone with a free dinner out.

Well, it’s back!

And this time we’ve partnered with DaySpring. Each month, one of you awesome birthday girls will receive a DaySpring Birthday Box (chosen at random among all the birthday peeps).

But wait, there’s more! EVERYONE on the list who’s celebrating a birthday that month will receive a $10 gift card from DaySpring. Woo-hoo!

If your birthday month is coming up, just send us an email to mamas{at}nwamotherlode{dot}com or Facebook message us to be added to the list!

We’ll publish all the birthdays the first week of that month, so be sure to reach out with your info before the beginning of each new month. So if your birthday is in March, send us your name and birth date by Feb. 26th.

Did you know that DaySpring is based in Siloam Springs? Yep! And they’re the largest publisher and distributor of Christian greeting cards. Hallmark acquired DaySpring nearly 20 years ago. Cool, huh?

FYI, our partnership with DaySpring includes affiliate links which means we’ll receive a percentage of sales. Just being transparent here, but honestly the Birthday Girls List is for you —  because we want to make you smile 🙂

We’ll send you a special code for the $10 gift card after we receive an email or message about your birthday. You can use it during your birthday month! They have awesome faith-filled gifts and cards for great prices and for every occasion!

Happy birthday to YOU, mamas! We can’t wait to publish the first Birthday Girls List the first week of March! If you have a March bday, let us know by Feb. 26th!


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