Undereye bags? Here are some tips

Mamas, I can no longer blame my undereye dark circles and puffiness on having babies and toddlers. They are all teenagers now and sleep plenty of hours. And I’m sleeping more, too, since I know it helps overall health (brain and body).

But the bags and dark circles are still here, and I’ve learned recently from my dermatologist that some of that is just plain old genetics. What’s a mama to do?

I found these tips on how to deal with undereye bags on the Real Simple website.  

I also tried a new product I picked up at Sephora that is great at tightening up the undereye skin temporarily, (long enough for a workday or an event.) It’s called Peter Roth Instant Firm-x Temporary Eye Tightener. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter and use a small makeup brush to apply thin strokes. And be aware that you can’t put other products on top of this one or it could diminish the tightening effects or look cakey.

Hope these tips are helpful! Please post a comment if you have other tricks for doing battle with bags!