Snapshots from Back-to-School week in Northwest Arkansas

Backpack? Check.

Lunchbox? Check.

Mask and/or laptop? Double Check.

This year’s back-to-school season definitely feels and looks a little different from what we’re used to, but it’s happening in one way or another — in-person, online or a combination of both. We asked Northwest Arkansas mamas to share their back-to-school pics with us this week so we could show them off here.

We hope your kids have had a great first week of school. Praying that everyone stays safe and healthy in the months to come!

Big brother is going to 1st grade, and little sister’s adorable shirt says “Pre-K cutie reporting for duty!” Those sweet, excited smiles are just the best!
Is there anything more exciting than the first day of Kindergarten (and preschool for little brother)? They’ve already scored an A-plus on the back-to-school pic.
OMG, we’ve been watching this gorgeous girl grow up since she was a tiny baby when we launched this website! Look how grown up and beautiful she is now!
This sibling trio has their backpacks on and is ready to do this thing!
This fourth grader is modeling the mask look that ALL the cool kids will be wearing this year at school.
We think she has excellent taste in her favorite book selection. LOVE that bright smile, too.
Hello, first grade! Prepare to be impressed with this one.
This brother and sister team are ready to hit the books again! We’re assigning extra credit points for the Razorback shirt and the cute doggo shirt.
How cute is he? The teachers are going to love seeing his face on their computer monitor each day.
She’s got a laptop, a comfy pink study palace, and a glittery hedgehog shirt with matching skirt. I mean… she’s basically already killin’ it on Day 1.
These brothers were up early this morning, ready to take on 10th grade and 5th grade. (Extra points for the cool shadow of the basketball hoop over their shoulders.)