Northwest Arkansas kids scare their mamas with these ‘daring acts’

daring acts

In a recent giveaway we asked Northwest Arkansas mamas to tell us about a note-worthy “daring act” one of their kids has ever performed — unintentionally or not.

In case you missed those priceless comments, here are a few of them:

Jessica: My son Zach, who is 8, loves to give me daily heart attacks with his aggressive playing. He just recently had his 3rd surgery on his nose-literally this past Friday. He has since taken several shots to the face with a soccer ball during his soccer games and recess the past two days. He climbs on any and everything and jumps off everything.

I love him with all my heart but I always say he’s going to give me a heart attack with his stunts.

Lauren: My 18 month old likes to climb up on top of furniture and yell when she can’t get down.

Carrie: My son loves to roll down our “very steep” and curvy driveway on his trike as fast as he can go and drift just as he hits the sidewalk so as not to go into the street. Scary, though I must admit he’s gotten pretty good at it and I love that smilish smirk he gives as he looks back at me fearlessly.

skateboardBrandi: When my daughter was just a toddler, she would climb on top of my dresser. It scared me to death! I ended up putting her in gymnastics – the safe way to climb lol!

Andrea: Roller coasters! My kids love ANY roller coaster they can get on!

Amy: My little girl is always riding her bike down our very steep driveway. She goes so fast it terrifies me! She hasn’t had a wreck yet thank goodness!

Jessica: My youngest is the more coordinated one, when he was about 14 months old I left the room for 30 seconds and when I came back I caught him balancing on the arm of the couch. Little stinker gets excited by physical challenges. He now proudly proclaims “Did it” after doing something challenging.

Debbie: When my son was 6, I bought him a 3 wheeled green machine to ride down the street. Well , he decides he wants to see 3 wheels make 2 and tries to hit the side of every driveway so he can ride the thing sideways on 2 wheels down the street. Thank goodness for helmets. Many scrapes later, he finally quit.

Alissa: My 1 year old decided to climb out of the bath tub by himself- and in the process knocked out one toothe and chipped three others

Sarah: My son is not much of a “dare devil” but he has always enjoyed riding scooters, skateboards, or anything else with wheels. We were visiting a friend and he decided to jump on his razor trikke and take of down the hill. Little did he know how fast those things went, nor did I….He got to the bottom of the hill and really bit the dust. Knees and elbows were flying end over end. He had a few bruises and scrapes but he still loves to tell that story.

home aloneLaura: We had a 2nd floor balcony that overlooked our den.. My children would hang by rope and act out stunts from the movie “Home Alone” when the babysitter was there!!

Angela: My 2 yr old decided it was a good idea to dive off the back of the couch like he does in the pool atraight into the tile floor! A trip to the doctor for the huge knot on his head and to check for a concussion happened. If I was superwoman maybe my dive to catch him would have been quicker from the kitchen but it wasn’t : ( no real damage was done though just a knot on the head. Boys!

Melanie: When my son was about 3, he was jumping on the bed and went flying. He hit his head on the side table and busted it open. Luckily it was just inside the hairline and we got away without stitches.

Legend: At the age of 2 my mom and dad decided to through a supper bowl party but before anyone showed up i decided to bite the tube of eye drops and they were my brothers and so instead of having fun at the party we spent the whole day at the hospital hooked up to a heart monitor

Kristy: My son, of course, at the age of 1.5 didn’t know this was a daring act … However it almost gave me a heart attack. I had just taken him out of his bath and went to the laundry room to get fresh towels out of the dryer. He stayed in the bathroom and got into all of the drawers. He found my husband’s beard trimming scissors and was walking around with them saying “choppy choppy” and came towards me. He was SOOOOO CLOOOOOSE to chopping his jewels off that I almost cried. I slowly walked toward him and said, “Those are VERRRRRY DANGEROUS. Not a good choice.” All the while trying not to cry. All I could think of was a little man part being chopped off and us running to the emergency room and trying to explain that!

Carmen: A homemade zip line in the backyard!

Kim: My daughter did a zip line several years ago when she was probably around 7 years old. I was so impressed because this is not her personality at all!

Erin: On a hike on the war eagle trail at Withrow Springs I was taking a picture. When I turned around one of my twins was sitting on the edge of the cliff just enjoying the view. Scared me to death!

glass jarMarian: Well I didn’t think it was dangerous at the time, but I gave my 9 year old daughter a glass jar to catch fireflies. She tripped going down some brick steps and fell on the glass jar with her hand. She required Sixteen stitches 4 that were internal. Yes that made my heart skip a beat. Not so big on glass anymore.

Angela: My oldest thought it was a good idea to tie a rope to his bike and the other end to his little brother on his skateboard and pulling him through the neighborhood.

Rory: My 11 month old sometimes forgets she can’t walk. She will let go of whatever she’s holding onto and try to take a step and just fall right on her face. But she tries it again the next day. Perhaps this is her “fake it till you make it” approach to walking ?!

Dez: Just before vacation last summer my son was riding his bike and decided to jump or get over the curb. He ended up falling and breaking both wrists before heading to the beach.

Thanks for sharing your scary stories, mamas! We hope everyone is having a safe week so far 🙂