Mercy has a new helicopter for Northwest Arkansas!

Spirit of Mercy in air, resized

If you hear the distinctive sound of helicopter blades overhead, look up because you might catch a glimpse of Mercy Hospital’s new helicopter which made its debut last month.

The helicopter is named “Spirit of Mercy” and is equipped with night vision goggles and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has the ability to land in remote, difficult to reach places and saves valuable time in emergency situations.

And as the number of children and University students continues to grow throughout NWA, having a helicopter available means more health resources for parents.

“This will bring peace of mind,” said Scott Street, president of Mercy Northwest Arkansas.” As a dad of four, I know a parent’s worst nightmare is to think of something tragic happening to your child. Having the helicopter here and ready for quick transport to the nearest children’s hospital is an assurance we want parents and caregivers to feel when they see the Spirit of Mercy helicopter.”

Spirit of MercyThe helicopter is the result of a partnership between Mercy and Air Methods Corporation. Mercy chose Air Methods because of its safety record and continued investment in high-tech safety systems, to the tune of $100 million in the past six years.

In addition, Air Methods is soon to graduate from the Federal Aviation Administration’s voluntary Level 3 Safety Management Program.

Besides having more room for critical care personnel to provide onboard patient care, the helicopter also operates more safely with an increased helicopter blade height from the ground, as well as a safety enclosure for the tail rotor.

With its home base at Mercy Hospital on I-540, the helicopter will be just minutes away from people who need the service. Cardiologists at Mercy Hospital say that, particularly with heart attack victims, the helicopter will make a real difference, since time can mean the difference between life and death.

Heart disease remains the number one killer of people in our state.

Through Omni Advantage, residents may purchase a $49 annual membership for the Medflight service. For more information, visit or call (855) 877-2518.